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We aren't just an Independent Record Label--We are a ministry uprooted in the HOLY SPIRIT being our CHIEF CORNERSTONE.

Our team are industry professionals dedicated in taking our artists to the next level of their music careers. Our inspiration is derived from the gospel legends that have came before our time. Mahalia Jackson, Shirley Caesar, Aretha Franklin, James Cleveland, Fred Hammond and Kirk Franklin are just some to name. 

Finding Talent

Is music your passion? Do you have the ambition, motivation, drive and dedication it takes to make music your lifelong career? Do you see music as a vehicle for edifying the church and your fellow brethren? Do you naturally have the ability to associate through your music with unbelievers? Are you eager to serve YHWH by seeking HIS DIVINE counsel in all aspects of your career? 

If YES is your final answer to ALL the questions mentioned above,


About Our CEO

Faith2Faith Records is an independent record label founded by New Orleanean native Jacog-- a gospel rap artist, singer, songwriter and producer. Her lifelong purpose is to edify and deliver music with a message that will enlighten, inspire and empower.

Jacog's Testimony

"The Christian Hip Hop Music genre didn't exist when I started rapping in the church as a child. I got sent to the mourners bench, and banished for it. I was raised strictly Baptist and all rap was 'devil music' back then. It never stopped me from ministering through music and that inspiration first came from singing the traditional hymns in the children's choir. Persecution and repercussions came later in my faith walk when I chose to evangelize through gospel rap and shun secular music. Laughs. YHWH would not allow me to release nothing commercially until I was spiritually instructed and rooted in HIS WORD. It was a long journey of patience and perseverance. It has brought me to the pinnacle of my faith and is the reason I am what I am today. Had it not been for HIS grace and mercy, I wouldn't be alive to testify about it today."

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